Quality Method

Input relating to product requirements shall be determined properly and documented in the form Of design description document & records shall be maintained.

This shall include:

Functional and performance requirements.

The organization shall identify process inputs that affect the design and development of products And facilitate effective process performance in order to satisfy the needs and expectation of customer, and those of other interested parties. The requirements shall be as follows:

External inputs such as

                Customers or market needs and expectation.

                Needs & expectation of other interested parties.

                User input to achieve robust design and development.

                Changes in relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

                International or national standards.

Internal inputs such as

Policies and objectives

Needs & expectation of people in the organization, including those receiving the output of process Competence requirements for people performing design and development. Inputs that identify those characteristics of process of products that are crucial to safe and proper Functioning and maintenance i.e. operation, installation and application, storage, handling, delivery, Physical parameters and environments etc.

Applicable statutory and regulatory requirement.

Contract Review shall be carried out prior to the tender stage and would go along way in correctly Identifying the design input requirements. In case of non-contractual situation, the organization shall investigate for identifying the customer requirement and suitably converting the same into technical terms as design inputs .This shall take into account safety, health and others regulatory Stipulations as information derived from previous similar design.

Fabrication & Painting

A)  All metal surfaces shall be chemically cleaned, degreased, to produce Smooth clean surface
B)  The Panels shall be finished with powder coated paint in Siemens grey shades of RAL 7032. However, any special paint as par customers requirement can be given if so required

Functional Units

A)  The units shall have doors with concealed hinges and shall be isolated from each other barriers
B)  The construction of functional units shall be such that easy accessible for maintenance and replacement
C)  Outgoing power cables shall be terminated on suitable terminal blocks and not directly on equipment in cable alley.
D)  Units doors shall have operating switches, handles, indicating lamps etc. As required.

Vertical Section

A)  Modular construction front accessible.
B)  Divided in functional units for housing motor feeders. Distribution feeders and other power and control units.
C)  Sections are normally 800 mm X 500 mm depth X 2300 mm height in case of single front type. Incase of double front design depth             shall be 1000 mm
D)  Independent horizontal bus way.
E)  Cable chamber at last 300 mm. Wide along with vertical section.
F)  75 mm high integral base channel and removable lifting lugs.
G)  Removable rear cover doors for inspection of bus-bars and for easy cabling.


A)  Horizontal bus-bar systems with FRP supports for main power distribution at the top bus-bar of uniform cross section throughout the           length.
B)  Vertical busbar extended into each section to supply power to each individual section.
C)  Bus-bars are fabricated from high conductivity Aluminium alloy or electric grads copper.
D)  Proper colour coding are provided on bus-bars for providing phase identification in line with requirement as per IS:375.
E)  Busbar joints are bolted construction.
F)  CU/AL/GI horizontal earth bus of adequate size provided all along length of panels
G)  Vertical earth bus runs across modules and it bolted to horizontal earth bus-bars.


A)  All vertical section shall be wired to make the control scheme complete and wires can also be provided for control wiring as per                  customer's specification. The wire shall be conformed to IS:694.
B)  The control wiring shall be of 1100V grade PVC insulated standard copper wire and also to be provided for control wiring as per                 customer's specification. The wire shall be conformed to IS:694
C)  Each control wire shall have ferrules at both ends as par control scheme.
D)  Not more than two wires shall be connected to one terminal.
E)  Power control wires shall be nearly bunched separately and adequately supported so as too prevent stresses and strain on                       termination.

Cable Terminations

A)  Cable entry may be from top/ bottom removable gland plates of 2mm. Thickness shall be provided for drilling holes at site
B)  Power terminals for cables shall complete with crimping type lugs.
C)  For incoming feeders rated 630A and above or where cable sizes are large. The cable termination shall be done through cabling bus         for adequate & proper termination.

Inspection And Testing

A)  Quality assurance is maintained throughout the manufacturing right from the beginning.
B)  Visual inspection for installation and dimension check
C)  Electrical operation test
D)  Insulation resistance test before and after H.V. Test
E)  High Voltage test
F)  Current injection test
G)  It governs by the relevant ISS