Design Consideration

The organization shall plan for design & development of product whenever required. During the Design & Developments planning , the organization shall determine during the design & development stages:

Planning shall be done for identification of all activities in the design process, assigning duties and responsibilities and scheduling them to ensure that stated and implied needs are met in an economical manner and at the same time, adhering to the time targets. In case of non-contractual situation, design & development planning shall also in-corporate details regarding correct identification Customer needs and expectations.

The review, verification and validation those are appropriate to the design and development stages:

Design & Development planning shall be documented and it shall include various elements such as Design, Design calculations, preparation of drawing , review of design reports, verification methods, safety requirements etc. Resource requirements shall also be taken into account.

The Design & Development shall be persisted in active & regular interaction with other concerned departments such as Marketing, Purchase etc. to take inputs or controlling the various facts affecting the design process.

Planning outputs shall be updated, as appropriate, as the design and development progress and the record maintained in relevant design file.